Green activities in Pomorie

On 6 – 9.11. 2014 in the town of Pomorie, a youth exchange under the motto "Green Activities" was held between students from the school of “Ivan Vazov” and their peers from Kirklaleri region, Turkey. The activity is continuation of green activities, held a few weeks ago in Turkey in the frames of the project “Joint Istranca region Protection for sustainable development”. The youth exchange was held in “Pomorie Lake Visitors Centre” and in the surroundings of the town. 

Program of green activities included games for getting to know eachother, teambuilding activities and workshops where young naturalists showed their creativity. Training sessions were held outdoors - bird watching around the Pomorie lake and outdoor skills training among nature in Kableshkovo village. At the end of event, the participants visited "Marina River" protected area.
Guests from Turkey showed their culture on traditional night, which presented the typical customs, music, dance and food of their native region. Talented players in the exchange sang, played musical instruments, danced and recreated ancient customs. The mood was sweetened with iconic foods from our southern neighboring country - baklava, Turkish delight and halva.
Green activities in the town. Pomorie contributed to good neighborly relations. Participants discussed project concepts, expressed their views on the protection of common natural heritage and established new friendships. The activities ended with promises of new meetings and ideas for cooperation in the common European future of Bulgaria and Turkey.

The green activities are part of the project "Joint Istranca region protection for sustainable development", implemented by the Turkish environmental organization DAYKO, in partnership with “Green Balkans - branch Pomorie” and association "Europe and we".
"Joint Istranca region protection for sustainable development" project aims to improve the quality of life through more efficient use of shared natural resources, focusing on the attractiveness of Strandja as an object of tourism, to promote biodiversity conservation and reduce the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment. The project duration is 12 months.


The project is co-financed by the EU through the Programme for IPA CBC Bulgaria - Turkey-CCI number 2007CB16IPO008